Digitaloptik Lens Converter

Now use lenses designed for academy 35 format on 4-5K digital cinema cameras and on the 6K Red Dragon Chip!

Digitaloptik Converter

 Benefit 1:  Academy 35 format lenses now work with 4K, 5K and soon 6K digital sensors, including Sony, Alexa and RED

With the coming of the Super 35 sensor on 4K digital cinematography cameras, thousands of academy lenses, including some DP favorites, were relegated to the back shelves. The 28mm image circle coverage provided by these lenses was not sufficient to cover the Super 35 digital sensors.

Realizing that these cinema Academy lenses had wonderful optics and film-like visual characteristics, lens designer Ken Robings took breathing new life into these lenses by developing a PL-to-PL converter that would expand the image circle of these Academy 35 lenses from 28mm to one in excess of 35mm. In doing so, he delivered a must-have accessory that allows these zooms, which were designed for the older Academy format, to go to work again on today’s Super 35 digital cinema cameras.


“I had been talking to so many DPs who really like the older glass- they have a much more "cinematic" feel to them,” Robings said. “The older Cooke and Angenieux Academy 35 lenses that provided such a distinctive look to film production, were just gathering dust. So we set out to come up with an adaptor that would allow that great glass to be put back to work.”

“The slim line Converter we came up with adds no artifacts to the lenses mounted on it, and faithfully transmits their optical characteristics to the larger sensor. The cost in terms of F/stop is a mere half stop, which is miniscule. In the days of film that half stop might have been a problem, but with the sensitivity of today’s digital cameras it won’t even be noticed.”

The older Cooke and Angenieux zooms digitaloptik’s Converter is designed to mount were different from today’s super crisp digital optics, and that’s part of their appeal. And back then some of them displayed barrel type distortion; especially when shooting architectural stuff. Because we don’t correct for those lens characteristics, a DP can get that classic look from these great lenses.”

The first batch of the lens Converters is schedule for Q4 Oct-Nov, 2013. Importantly, a filmmaker can typically purchase both the adapter and a pre-owned Academy zoom for under $10,000, compared to $40,000+ for new zoom lens.

A partial list of academy-format zooms are mountable on the digitaloptik Optic Converter:

•                Angenieux 25-250 HR

•                Angenieux 24-290 T2.8

•                Angenieux 17-102 T2.9

•                Cooke 20-60 T3

•                Cooke 20-100 T3.1

•                Cooke 25-250 Mk III T3.

Benefit 2:  Academy 35 format lenses now work with the new 6K RED Dragon digital sensors

In fact, by providing coverage in excess of a 35mm image circle, these lenses are ready and waiting to be deployed on RED’s new 6K Epic Dragon camera, with an image circle diameter of 33.9mm, which is larger than today’s popular Super 35 image circle.


Important: There will only be a limited number of digitaloptik Converters available, so secure yours now by placing a pre-order here


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